"I went to see Dr. Joshi the first time because of lower back pain. I had limited mobility and found it difficult to sit and even sleep comfortably. When I would get out of bed or stand-up after sitting the pain was pretty intense and it took a couple minutes for me to stand up straight and get moving. I would use heat packs and cold pack -to no avail. I thought that it would eventually go away on its own. I was wrong. It has been amazing. With Dr. Joshi’s adjustments, my lower back has never felt better. The pain is gone and my back has not felt this good in years. He has also relieved the stiffness in my neck and upper back cause by whiplash 40 years ago. I have learned the proper way to do exercises that will help way to do exercises that will help me help myself."

– Patricia Barnoski

"Before seeing Dr. Joshi, I suffered from pain in my lower back, disc problems, and neck pain. I found myself sitting more and more, plus limiting my trips to work out. My outlook on life itselft became dark, as the pain became a way of life.  I tried supplements that took my money, but gave me no relief. I also had a series of three cortisone shots in my back -band aids if you will. My pain and tension have been reduced significantly during my chiropractic care. This kind of care is natural, safe, and it works. It will work for you too!"

– Sue Caprio

"I was experiencing lower back pain. My spinal health is very important to me because I operate a small business that requires a lot of traveling and physical labor. By going to Dr. Joshi, I have been able to keep my pain issues under control."

– Jeff Cooper

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